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”Well, sure. I just don’t know if I would be good enough to play it properly or to try and join any teams.” He said slowly, shrugging a little. Minho had never been part of a team, he had never learnt how to aim when kicking a ball, he didn’t know any running techinques or the actual rules of football. There had to be more to it than just kicking a ball, he knew that, and though he thought it might be interesting to try it out his hopes were anything but high. 

"Anything takes practice, no one would expect you to be amazing at first" she replied, shrugging a little "You could always practice in the park, when we walk the puppies, and see if you get into it. I have some books about football in the shop that you could read too if you want to"


”Alright, I’ll just wait here.” He replied before leaning back against the wall again like he had done before. 

”Caught my eye?” He called back through the curtain like she had done. He didn’t quite know what she meant at first, if she was talking about sports equipment, more swimwear or something else. Since he had already picked out his bathing trunks he doubted it was that, so he guesse she meant the first.

”Well…” He pondered out loud. ”I don’t know. I was looking at some football stuff but…” His voice trailed off. He had been looking at it out of curiosity, but he didn’t know if that was what Eunsook had meant.  

"Jinjja?" she asked, pulling the curtain to the side as she stepped out of the changing room "are you interested in trying football out?"

she had her hobbies, even if they were completely linked into her job now, but while Minho enjoyed his job she knew it wasn’t a hobby in the way her’s was. Everyone had their interests and Minho wasn’t given the chance to explore them like she was, as so she thought it was only right Minho got to try things out.

fractured-minho asked: "''Noona, I made a new friend.'' Minho said proudly, flashing a wide grin. ''His name is Jiyoung, I met him on the way home.''"

"Ah, jinjja?" Eunsook smiled bright and affectionately "That’s great yeobo"

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The man looked away for a moment, more than a little embarrased of his all too strong reaction. He hoped he hadn’t made her uncomfortable. 

His gaze met hers when she spoke again and he smiled a little, nodding his head. ”It really suits you.” He repeated. 

With a nod she looked towards the changing rooms before pointing towards them as well “I’ll go and get changed then. I’ll buy this”

She turned back and walked into the changing room, closing the curtain and getting changed, but as she changed she looked towards the curtain that Minho was on the other side of and called through it.

"Has anything caught your eye here?"

She was wondering if they would be able to find Minho a hobby to enjoy as, at that point, he didn’t really have much he could call a hobby.

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"Pretty much" she repeated, nodding in agreement "He is an amazing cook, baker, all of it…I swear, just being friends with him is making me gain weight"

Joonyoung patted his stomach softly, grinning. “I should probably get to know this friend of yours, I need to gain a few pounds.” 

She laughed softly, reaching into her handbag and pulling out a flyer for her friend’s bakery to hand to the man in front of her “Well, here is the flyer…you can find the address and stuff on there”