He blushed a little when she praised him, waving his hand the slightest even though he wouldn’t say anything to argue. ”Thank you.” he mumbled, almost purred, because the feeling of her fingers working away the fatigue in his muscles felt so nice.

Minho looked suprised when she suddenly sat down and put a bag into his lap, listening to her with widening eyes before actually opening the bag to look inside. ”You got me a phone?” he asked in disbelief, even though his voice made it obvious that he was nothing but happy about it. 

He reached into it and picked up the box and opened it, the smallest of gasps leaving his lips when he saw the phone. ”Aigo, Eunsook you-” he stopped, looking up at her. He was about to say that she didn’t have to do that for him, but she had told him why she wanted to, and she had said she sold some expensive books that day, so he guessed it was alright. 

”I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much sweetie.” he said, smiling at her in gratitude before leaning forward and placing a kiss on the girl’s cheek. ”Is it the same model as yours?” he asked, not really knowing how to tell the models apart. Besides he had only seen Eunsook’s phone every now and then, it’s not like she was addicted to it. 

"You’re welcome" she replied with a smile before shaking her head "It’s a smaller version of my phone…I didn’t think you would want me spending the money on a full sized model because they can be pretty expensive. I mean, this one isn’t exactly cheap either but if you want the same one as me I’m more than happy to change it"

She wondered if she had made the wrong choice but, at the time, she thought her decision was a logical one. But it wouldn’t be the first time she was wrong if it was the wrong choice “It’s pretty similar to mine, just a bit smaller in size and stuff, it’s a pretty up to date model though with all the latest stuff in it. The sim card should already be in it and I have written your new number down on a bit of paper that should be in the bag too….”

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”Ah, thank you.” He said softly and reached forward to pick up the mug. ”Nae, it was enough.” He was hungry again now though, but then again it had been almost 5 hours since he last ate. It was alright though, and he would rather sit and relax a little for a while.

He listened to the girl as she spoke, sipping off his tea while looking at her. ”Oh really?” he said in an excited voice. ”That’s so great, I’m glad.” he smiled widely at her and reached out to give her hand a small squeeze. It was nice to see her like that, satisfied and relaxed. She had done well.

For a moment he look confused when she got up, but he understood soon enough when she began rubbing his shoulder. He relaxed into her touch without complaint, thinking in the back of his mind that his body had to get used to walking around that much, it would be all much better once he got used to the change. 

He chuckled a little at her curiosity, appreciating how she wanted to know what he had been doing. ”Well,” he began, looking up for a moment to think of where to start. He began by telling her how he had been waiting outside of the gates, how his boss had given him the uniforms which were now laying in the little bag Eunsook had given him to put his lunch in, though he had left one in the locker at the aquarium just in case. 
”Then,” he continued, ”He showed me around and all. It’s a nice aquarium, but it looks smaller on the outside, let me tell you, I was suprised by how big it was. But then again their outside are in the back is pretty big, that’s where the penguins and the seals live, in pools outside of the building. But anyway,” he paused to drink his tea, ”the manager thought it would be best if I begin at the bottom to get used to actually working, you know, so I won’t be dealing with the animals just yet. I’ll be cleaning the corridors and the outdoor area mostly, but he said I won’t be there for long. I just need to prove that I can follow the rules and be there on time every day and that he cn trust me and all, and I understand that. Of course. But he did promise I wouldn’t have to do that for too long. I’ll move up to more complicated things eventually. But I don’t mind beginning with something as simple as this.”

"Mmm…" she hummed in agreement "I understand him doing that, it makes sense really. But I’m sure you will prove yourself in no time" She hummed a little as she rubbed at his shoulders, working any kinks out while enjoying his warmth soaking into her fingers "Because, really, when you think about it, he is taking a bit of a risk by hiring you…but I am so glad he gave you the chance, I know you can prove he put his faith in the right person. You’re so determined with everything you do, you are like the perfect employee"

She kept on rubbing his shoulders for a little bit longer before pressing a kiss into his hair and pulling away. She sat down next to him again and picked up the bag, peeking into it before settling it down on his lap.

"I got this for you today" she started simply "I thought I would use some of the money I made because I don’t like the idea of you wandering around with no way to be contacted and no way to call for help if you need it…so I thought it would be a good idea. I got a monthly contract for it, so don’t worry about the cost or anything, it’s all sorted"

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I’m just a needy piece of shit that needs constant reassurance that I’m wanted


”Hi.” he greeted her and returned the peck on the lips and the hug before he took his coat off. ”My day was alright, I’m just happy to see you again~” He nodded at her question, with a small ‘yes please’ before he went over to the sofa they would usually sit in where he hung the coat neatly over the armrest before sitting down, a small, tired groan escaping his lips. He didn’t feel exhausted, but he had barely sat down in almost 7 hours, so he did feel a little tired. He just had to sit down for a while, he thought. 

”Oh, and thank you for the lunch. It was delicious.” He had eaten it all, and he had put the now empty bag down on the floor next to the sofa. ”Has the shop been busy?” he asked as he began relaxing completely into the sofa, reaching up to rub at his neck.

"I’m happy to see you too" she replied before going into the back room to make him a cup of tea. She was guessing that he would be tired, it seemed that his job would be a lot more labour intensive than her’s was, and so she wanted to look after him for a while so he could relax and have a break.

She bought the mug through and handed it to him, picking up the bag with the phone in along the way, and sat down next to him with a smile and a nod.

"I’m glad you liked it, was it enough?" She asked, wanting to know for future reference, before shrugging a little as she put the bag down at her feet "It was a quiet day" she said honestly "but I made some really big sales so I’m not going to complain, not in the slightest. I could easily keep the shop closed for a while and still be running on a profit now" That thought relaxed her greatly and it was obvious how at peace she was at everything from how she relaxed into her seat. When she saw Minho rubbing at his neck though she got up and went around to the back of the sofa so that she could give Minho a back and shoulder rub as she spoke. Her fingers gently massaged and rubbed away any knots in the muscles and she smiled down at him as she did it.

"But, yeah~, tell me how it went. Have you met anyone nice? Is the work too hard? I want to know everything"

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The first thing his boss did was to bring him into his office where he gave Minho the uniform of the aquarium staff. It was simple, just a plain blue t-shir with white sleeves and the logo of the aquarium on the back. He also got two extra pairs in the same size so he wouldn’t have to use the same one all the time. Then he lead Minho to the staff’s dressing room near the manager’s office, which was really small and nothing fancy, but Minho didn’t mind. He got his own closet where he put his coat and his pair of spare uniforms before stuffing the key into the pocket of his jeans and following his manager out. 

Everything went really fast from then on, at least to Minho. The manger showed him around all of the aquarium, introduced him to the rest of the staff which all seemed nice, and after lunch he began actually showing Minho what he would be doing, where he could find the supplies he needed and who to ask for help and who to depend on if the manager wasn’t there. It all seemed fair enough, he thought, and in the back of his mind he couldn’t wait to tell Eunsook all about it when he came home. 

There wasn’t enough time to teach him everything properly, but he hadn’t expected that either, and when the manager’s shift ended around 5 in the afternoon, he followed Minho to the wardrobe, praised him for his hard work and for having paid attention the whole day before the man left to go home to his family. 

Minho took his time to change back into his own clothes and get out of the aquarium. On the way he was stopped by two of the ladies working in the aquarium’s cafe, they were sitting in the employee’s lunchroom and drinking their coffe when they saw him passing by, stopping him for a chat. Minho liked them, they seemed like nice people and he tried his best to be polite and nice in return. Before he reached the gates he stopped again to take a look into the seal tank, and he stood there for a while just smiling to himself as he looked at them. 

When he finally got out of the aquarium he didn’t stop anymore until he had reached the bookshop, suddenly remembering how much he had missed being close to Eunsook. When he saw her through the window he grinned, but didn’t stop before he reached the door, opening it, and stepping inside. 

Eunsook was ending a phonecall when Minho stepped into the shop and she looked up at the sound of the bell above the door ringing before smiling brightly at him as she finished the phone call.

"Yes, that sounds great" she said in a polite but happy voice "Tomorrow and 1pm, I’ll have the book out of storage and ready for you to see. Okay, until tomorrow then. Bye."

She put the phone down before getting out of her seat and heading over to Minho, giving him a quick peck on the lips before hugging him.

"Hey, you seem happy" she said as she headed back over to the counter to grab her cup of tea "Did you have a good day?"

She wanted to hear everything about his first day, every small detail. She wanted to know that it went well, that he was enjoying himself, as she would hate it if Minho wasn’t comfortable in his work place “Oh, and would you like some tea?”

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When Minho got to the aquarium, he was a little scared and very confused. His manager hadn’t told him where to meet him. The last time Minho had been there was during the opening hours, and there had been a lady at the gates to collect entrance money from visitors. Minho had told her why he was there and she had let him in. The gate was closed now, however, and it didn’t seem like anyone was expecting him either. Surely there had to be people there even though it wasn’t open yet? Someone had to feed the animals or clean the corridors or… anything? What was he supposed to do? 

He decided to just stand there and wait. Someone would have to come and open the gates sooner or later. At the other side of the fence there was an outdoor pool with seals in it, Minho remembered the suprise of seeingthem for the first time when he had been there for the interwiev. He could hear them swim around and splash in the water, and he found himself smiling a little.

Suddenly, a car drove up to the parking lot in front of the aquarium, and the manager Minho had met with stepped out of the car. Minho smiled widely, glad to see a familiar face, and as tjhey bowed toward eachother it seemed like the manager was glad to see Minho again as well. 

The day was honestly slow but Eunsook didn’t mind too much. It meant that she could concentrate on the two collectors when they came into the store and, as a result, was able to make two very expensive sales. Those two sales alone probably made more money than she would normally make in a week and she found herself smiling widely as she looked at the cheques. It always amazed her how much she was able to sell some things for, and she charged less than the larger collectors did, books were an amazing business to get into if you knew what you were doing.

Eunsook suddenly thought of something though, something to do with the money, and as she shop was still empty and it was approaching lunch time she grabbed her bag and put the two cheques into it before leaving the shop and locking it behind her.

She walked to the mall and paid the cheques into the bank before heading towards a mobile phone store. Minho didn’t have a phone, something Eunsook honestly didn’t like when they were separated like this. If something happened to him, or if she needed to contact him, there was no way to get hold of him or any way for him to get help either and Eunsook hated that. She had thought about getting him a phone on a couple of occasions but thought it would be better to wait until they were to be apart more, so when was going to be a better time that this? She had the boost in her finances and Minho was out more, it made sense in her mind to get a phone.

She knew though that he wouldn’t want her getting an over the top handset, a more high end one like hers was, as he would feel bad about her spending the money, and so she eventually settled for a midrange model. It was the Samsung S4 Mini, the smaller version of her own handset, and she got it in blue with a contract she thought would be more than enough for him. It wasn’t an expensive package, in fact it was the cheapest one, but at that point she thought that even the allowances that contract was paying would be more than he needed. 

She took the bag that was handed to her, containing the box the phone she had chosen was in, and she stopped in one more shop on the way before going back to her book store. She was gone for barely an hour, a perfect length of time for a lunch break, and she opened up her shop again before putting the bow she had bought just before leaving the mall onto the bag and leaving it next to her to give to Minho when he returned.

Track Title: 타란탈레그라 (Tarantallegra)

Artist: 시아준수 (Xiah Junsu) feat. 플로식 (Flowsik)

Album: 타란탈레그라 (Tarantallegra)


타란탈레그라 (Tarantallegra) - 시아준수 (Xiah Junsu) feat. 플로식 (Flowsik)


Minho didn’t say anythign when the kiss broke. He was sure she knew that he had wanted more, and he had taken more if they had the time and opportunity. This wasn’t the right moment though, and he would be back with her in a few hours, so it was all right. 

”I’ll miss you too.” he said, smling a little as he opened the door and stepped outside. He stopped for a second, looking back at her before finally closing the door and heading down the stairs, out into the the chilly spring morning. 

It didn’t take him long to get to the aquarium as he had memorized the way completely, though he knew it would’ve been much faster to take the bus. He would work that out eventually, but he wasn’t ready for it yet. Walking was more comfortable for him. 

She nodded and waved as he stepped outside, waiting for the door to close before getting ready for her day. She went through to the bedroom and got changed, into a pair of skinny jeans, brown knee high boots, and a flowy white blouse, before styling her hair and doing her make up. She looked in her mirror, pursing her lips a little as she applied a natural looking lipstick, and nodded at her reflection before feeding the animals and heading down to her shop.

She unlocked the shop and turned on the lights, flicking the sign from closed to open before heading over to the counter and sorting out the money in the cash register. She knew she had a couple of people coming that day, concerning some more valuable and collectable books she kept in storage, but apart from that she had no idea how busy the shop would be that day. She guessed that she would just have to find out.


”Nae…” he mumbled, looking down a little when Eunsook was done talking. He didn’t want to go, both because he was nervous and because he didn’t want to be apart from Eunsook. There was no way around it though, he had to do this, it was something he had to get used to. 

Slowly, unwillingly, he let his arms slide off the girl before he went over to the table to but the lunch box and the water into the bag she had put out. He then went into the livingroom to pet the dogs goodbye, and when he found Amber in the corridor he leaned down to give her a small peck on the head. 

All too soon Minho found himslef ready to go. He had put his coat and his shoes on, and he was now facing Eunsook who had followed him. ”Well, bye bye then.” he said, and now there was an obvious hint of nervousness in his voice. With another, small sigh he reached out for the girl again and pressed his lips against hers, but he didn’t pull back again. He didn’t want to. What was meant to be a quick peck on the lips turned into a deeper kiss instead, but Minho didn’t mind.

When Minho started to get ready she closed the dishwasher and turned it on before following him, her fingers fiddling with the drawstring of her pyjama bottoms as she followed him to the front door. She nodded when he said by, replying with a soft “Goodbye” of her own and smiled against his lips when he kissed her. She was expecting a quick kiss, though she wasn’t going to complain when she ended up getting more. She instead let her eyes slide shut and her hands press against his chest as she returned the kiss and a small sound passed through the slide of lips against lips.

She knew though that they had to break the kiss, Minho had to go to work and she had things to do as well. It would be weird not having Minho around, and she would miss him, but him getting a job was an amazing thing and it wasn’t an  opportunity to test or mess around with.

She broke the kiss slowly, letting out a soft breath while tickled over Minho’s lips, before she opened her eyes and looked at him with a soft gaze.

"You should really get going…You will be fine, I promise. I’ll miss you"

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Minho met Eunsook’s gaze, looking into her eyes as he listened to her words of encouragement. He nodded a little, smiling softly at her. ”Nae, it’s not like I want to back out or anything.” he mumbled and leaned into her touch a little, turning his head to the side to kiss her palm. ”I’m just a little scared. What if I meet someone like that man in the shoe shop? What if someone ask why the manager is treating me differently? What am I supposed to say to that?” 

He paused and peeked quickly up at the clock on the kitchen wall. They still had some time, he didn’t have to leave just yet, and he didn’t want to go before he absolutely had to. 

"No matter who you are or where you come from people will always judge and people will always ask questions…people can be ignorant like that and so most of them aren’t even worth listening. It’s not even like they know anything about you. As for your boss…you are the new guy so of course it is expected you will be treated different. So, if anyone asks, it’s because you are the new guy but it’s honestly none of their business either way. You don’t have to say anything unless you want to, nothing is anyone’s business until you want it to be their business, okay?"

She pressed a quick kiss to Minho’s lips before checking the time herself and sighing a little “You should be getting ready to go, you don’t want to be late on your first day”